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Founded in 2020
Employees 236
Avg. monthly salary 5475.73 €
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About Flo Health LTU

Flo is one of the most popular health & fitness apps, used by 180+ million women around the world with 40 million monthly active users. Here at Flo, we created a unique mobile product to help women put themselves first. With the power of data science, AI, and together with over 80+ medical experts, Flo supports women during their entire reproductive lives.

We're a world-class team of product builders, engineers, data scientists, growth hackers, user researchers, designers, and medical experts — all building an app that generates long-term value to our millions of users worldwide. Our engineers aren’t just building a better product; they’re making the world a better place by improving access to important health information. We leverage machine learning and AI to provide accurate cycle predictions and relevant, personalized, medically credible health tips.

Build the future of women’s health with us.

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